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By doing so I can see if any of my diet choices are putting me at risk for certain health diseases, and what changes can be made to make my diet healthier.Diet Analysis I have recorded a 3 day food diary and have calculated all the data for you to use for the purpose of this report, I need evaluation and.

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I am not eating enough grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy or protein foods.On the food guide pyramid shows that my milk intake was 0%, meat and beans intake was 48.8%, vegetables intake was 1%, fruits intake was 0%, and gains intake was 0%.

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Since my servings were less than recommended, I need to consume more of the items I did not eat throughout the three days, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, by adding more to my intakes.Examine all 3-Day Average reports which you printed and compare your actual intake with your DRI.

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Though as I discovered through my blood analysis, I have optimal levels of blood cholesterol, which I believe is because I am an active person, and exercise regularly.They helped me to learn to eat right by choosing the right foods and live an active lifestyle.My Diet Analysis Chapter 11 Summary My diet log and analysis consisted of 3 days during the week beginning on August 27, 2012.According to the food pyramid, my diet is horrible considering what I have consumed in these 3 days.I have to put Devion on the bus in the morning which leaves me very sleepy most days, so I use this as an excuse to grab the energy drinks to make it through each day.The results for my new diet when compared to the recommendations from the SuperTracker are very bad indeed.Throughout my long military career, physical fitness and nutrition have always been a major factor in my life.

The overconsumption of these nutrients can increase my blood cholesterol levels, and increase my risk for cardiovascular disease.

After analyzing my diet, I would say I am fairly healthy, though I am out of the target range in a few areas.My calorie consumption is excessive for a male of my age and activity level.

We connect you with people who ensure your success with our digital solutions - and our Technical Support team is no exception.Tips on How to Write Your Diet Analysis Paper The purpose of this assignment is to analyze your diet.She really gets offended if someone turns down her offer for a snack, but, I would really like to lose some of this weight.A personal diet analysis is where a dietitian or nutritionist evaluates the daily diet of an individual to determine its healthfulness.

I need to add more fruits and vegetables to my nutrient-rich foods because that is what I am lacking.Essay Topic: The analysis of an experience of a personal diet and activity plan.There has been a steady amount of bad fats in my diet and this plays a huge role in why I am overweight.It is prudent to note that, diet analysis is any technique in which the content of nutrients in food and those products which are related to.So I know I have to work harder to develop and maintain a new diet and the food intake that were recommended to me.Nutrition 10 1 Diet Analysis Assignment 60 Points This assignment gives you a wonderful opportunity to become aware of your eating and the nutrients you consume.The link and other detailed instructions are in the word file. Please.

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Though I am not overly concerned with these levels, I still need to make a conscious effort to be consuming healthier fats as well as possibly increasing the amount of fiber (especially soluble fiber) in my diet to help stop the absorption of cholesterol in my small intestine.

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To reduce the risk of any diseases it is suggested to eat foods.I managed to lose 30 pounds within 2 months and had adapted all eating healthy habit rules.Nutrition Analysis of my Diet Journal - In my Diet Journal,.For day 2 milk intake was 0%, meat and beans intake was 48%, vegetables intake was 1%, fruits intake was 0%, and grains intake was 0%.