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It is considered more humane to do medical testing on animals first, then on humans first, for the obvious reason that human life is considered more precious than animals.Animal Testing Cons:. this could explain why there is such a downward trend in using animals for. which likely cost thousands of dollars in scientific research.Reports have been generated to indicate that about 10 percent of these animals are not being administered with painkillers.As the statistics indicate animal testing is dangerous and harmful, but medical research must continue.

Pros and Cons of Animal Experimentation. discussing about the pros and cons of animal. wherein the validity of using animals are not accountable for.Alternatively in some cases, some animals may be even cured of their ailments and diseases during the process of animal testing.The supporters of animal rights are pressurizing government agencies to inflict severe regulations on animal research.

As a result several regulations have been put in place to evaluate and control the animals being used for testing purposes.

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Compared to pure research, which is largely academic in origin, applied research is usually carried out in the pharmaceutical industry, or by universities in commercial partnerships.

In Canada, animal testing is regulated at federal and institutional levels.This poem is a reflection of what animals being tested on may feel physically and emotionally.Animals were also applied to develop anesthetics to ease human ailments and suffering during surgery. (Animal Experiments) Currently, questions have been raised about the ethics surround animal testing.Medical procedures like measuring blood pressure, pacemakers and heart and lung machines were used on animals prior to being tried on humans.Statistics of animals used in research Inaccuracy of animal testing Animals and humans have different anatomy and.Join now to read essay Animal Testing: Pros and Cons and other term papers or research documents.That is why testing, on computer simulations, has increased recently.

They argue that other testing techniques are not advanced enough. (Animal Experiments) The most radical progress in reproductive medicine such as oral contraceptives, in vitro fertilization, hormone replacement therapy, etc., have all been made possible by animal research. (Alternatives to Animal testing on the Web: FAQs).Animal Testing and Animal Experimentation. and pathological investigations remain the foundation of research on human disease.Experimental psychology continues to rely on painful research on animals,.

They use animals for basic research such as behavior studies and genetics while other animal testing is done for the benefit of humans.Animal testing or animal experimentation is the process of using non-humans for the purpose of experimentation.Choice: Since animals cannot volunteer for animal testing, then some people believe animal testing is not ethical.

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Drugs in particular can carry significant dangers with their use but animal testing allows researchers to initially gauge the safety of drugs prior to commencing trials on humans Cons 1.

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Animal Research in Psychology More Than Meets the Eye of the General Psychology Student Michael Domjan. the use of animals in research (e.g., Coon, 1992, p. 49).Animals are also used for education, breeding, and defense research.

Read pros and cons in. can replace animal testing, and that animals are so different from. has resulted directly from research using animals.Pure research uses larger numbers and a greater variety of animals than applied research.

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