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Business terms Terms related to business, including definitions about project management and words and phrases about human resources, finance and vertical industries.Private limited company, shares only sold to family and friends.I have compiled 27 basic business terms all teen businesses should use.Likewise, different types of financing will be required over the life of a business.Each has different responsibilities and requirements as well as legal protections and vulnerabilities.

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It is worthwhile to understand the terms used, when studying business.This glossary provides definitions of many of the terms used in the guides to conducting qualitative and quantitative research.To complete your subscription, please check your inbox for a recent email from Allbusiness Editors.The business of freight transportation employs the efforts of many people,.

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Taxes Companies can have different types of income that are treated differently for tax purposes, and methods for reporting income can be different as well.Glossary: Startup and Venture Capital terms you should know. This describes a business that is targeting another business with its product or services.The company must make an IPO filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulatory authority governing public companies.A performance indicator or key. and sometimes success is defined in terms of. various techniques to assess the present state of the business, and its key.


Contractor: One who agrees to do perform a service or deliver a product for a fee.


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Use this glossary to learn essential sales terms for your career.

Business Type and Structure Businesses can be either publicly traded or privately held.Business - general words - Synonyms, antonyms, and related words and phrases.

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Public limited company, shares are sold on stock exachange, anyone can buy it.Individuals or companies invest into things such as land, buildings and shares in order to get a greater return at the end of the year.

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View Test Prep - Key Business Terms Assessment.docx from B 101 at BYU - ID.He says that knowing these terms will help you get promoted to middle management.We put together this cheat sheet of the most common -- and most important -- industry terms.

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Firm: A commercial partnership of two or more people, especially when unincorporated.Click on a button to bookmark or share this page through Twitter, Facebook, email, or other services.Basically, a vertical market is one where businesses and marketers cater to the needs of a specific.

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Seattle-3563358.1 0059000-03935 Negotiating the Operating Agreement: Key Business Terms 1.We will cover, 1) an introduction to key activities, 2) questions to.The School for Champions helps you become the type of person who can be called a Champion.Precise group of buyers with similar characteristicswhich a business aims at.An academic program for business majors may include aspects of the business environment such as macroeconomics and international business that a course for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business would not.