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When throwing out old records that are no longer needed for tax filing (after the IRS record retention period expires), be sure to shred anything containing your SSN or other personal info.

Im Laurice Ghougasian and we work for the Exempt Organizations office of the.This could be in the form of asking for additional documentation or even an audit.By submitting this form, you are granting: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, 3033 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, California, 92103, United States, permission to email you.I did manage to remember the other requested information, type of form, address.Were here to talk about how charities and nonprofit and tax-exempt.Another large group is paid tax preparers who use their social security number instead of their Preparer Tax Identification Number also known as PTINs.

The End of Social Security Paper Checks. If you currently get your Social Security check or other federal.If you want to skip the headache of signing, you can file your return using E-file.You can avoid making mathematical mistakes by double checking all of your numbers with a calculator or using tax preparation software.The Bottom Line As you can clearly see, it pays to have a checklist when filing your taxes.So anyone who looks at Form 990 will see those social security numbers, increasing the risk of identity theft.VERIFICATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. IRS Position on Social Security Numbers Top of Page. or else claims not to have a social security number at all.

Be especially careful with attachments, too, such as a list of scholarship winners.

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If you make the mistake of claiming too much income or too little in deductions, you could find yourself having to pay more in taxes than you would otherwise have to.Include your full Social Security number,. write the code found on an IRS notice that indicates you owe taxes.

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Make sure that you add in any 1099 income and miscellaneous income that you earned as well.Demand to have a different...

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If you are using professional tax services, check out their privacy policy and security practices first.Home shredders can be purchased in many office supply stores.Just got married in July of last year(2014). wiki How to Get Your Social Security Card.

It may not seem that filing a form with the IRS increases the risk of identity.Be sure to deduct all charitable contributions, gifts and contributions that you can write off.The latest markets news, real time quotes, financials and more.A study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy found that almost one of every five.

HOW TO FILE A TAX RETURN WITHOUT A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. return if you do not have a valid Social Security Number. the Internal Revenue Service.It may not seem that filing a form with the IRS increases the risk of identity theft.Here are the forms that should not include social security numbers.Too many tax filers file incorrect returns because of a simple calculation error or placing the wrong digit in the wrong column.Identity thieves want your Social Security number (SSN) so they can assume your identity and commit fraud.

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A study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy found that almost one of every five exempt organizations has included social security numbers on their returns.

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Once approved, you will receive a six-month automatic extension that gives you until October 15 to file your return.But remember, when an organizations applies for tax-exempt status, or files an annual 990 series return, the law requires that both the IRS and the exempt organization make those forms available to the public.

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E-filing allows you to submit an electronic signature, freeing you of the burden of signing and mailing your return.

Take advantage of every legal deductions and tax credits that you are eligible for.IRS Remains Fully Reliant on Social Security Numbers. to mailing a check. a choice about including your Social Security number on checks and.Spending a few extra minutes double checking your return can save you all the trouble of having missed something important.