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AR 600-20. Army Command Policy 7 June 2006

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Customs And Courtesies Manual Army 2.4 ARMY CUSTOMS, COURTESIES AND TRADITIONS. the publication of the.Some historians believe it began in late Roman times when assassinations were common.

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When the soldier is dismissed by the officer, salutes are again exchanged.

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Traditions are broken down into Customs Courtesies. Navy and Navy Reserve Army and Army Reserve Air Force and Air Force Reserve.

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Steward the Army by continuing to honor Customs, Courtesies,.

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Military courtesy is one of the defining features of a professional military force.

A reflection of that pride is visible in the customs, courtesies,. - FAQ - Customs and Courtesies

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Military Customs and Courtesies - Military Customs and Courtesies Quote It is necessary to relax your.

A link to AR 600-25 can be found here. 1) What does AR 600-25 Cover.The Army Song is always played at the conclusion of what events.

The flag will be lowered to ensure completion at the last note of the music.When the business is completed, the soldier salutes, holds the salute until it has been returned, executes the appropriate facing movement, and departs.